Education is a basic and prime human right and each citizen of our nation has the right to education. At Fluid Controls, we support organisations that are working towards education and skill development, and our initiatives are aimed at:

  • Promoting primary and secondary education
  • Enabling higher education through merit-cum-means scholarships, including for differently abled across the country
  • Using sports as a tool for development of students in both urban and rural settings
  • Promoting higher education including setting up and supporting universities
  • Skill development and vocational training
  • To support Educationally Backward Blocks (EBB’s)
  • Education specially for the Girl Child
  • Snehwan

    A Ray of Hope for Children

    Snehwan is a non-profit organization founded by Ashok Deshmane in December 2015. Ashok and his wife Archana are a ray of hope for many children who are deprived of learning due to adverse situations and surroundings. Along with quality education and schooling, Snehwan guides and prepare these children for competitive exams, ensure they know their rights and responsibilities, seek opportunities, fight injustice and develop leadership qualities. All for their better future! Our contributions support Snehwan in building better infrastructure such as computer labs and facility extensions.

  • Ugam

    Education and Empowerment: Every Rural Girl in each KGBV, One District At A Time!

    UGAM Foundation was set up in 2015 and works in rural schools in Jharkhand to ensure that the experience and outcomes of education are meaningful for all. The UGAM mission is to use replicable frameworks to create model KGBVs (Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya) in partnership with education systems through empowerment of people and processes to ensure girls are educated and empowered.

  • Universe Simplified

    Empowering for Innovation

    Universe Simplified Foundation (USF) is a Mumbai based non-profit organization working to make inquiry driven, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) education accessible to all. Through their “Innovation Hub” program, they have set up STEM based learning hubs within schools and communities for addressing real life challenges through science and technology. Our staff actively engage with USF, especially for their STEM based Exhibition “Vigyan Mahotsav”.

  • Education Csr Activity

    Forerunners in Technical Education

    College of Engineering, Pune (CoEP), chartered in 1854 is a nationally respected leader in technical education. The institute is distinguished by its commitment to finding solutions to the great predicaments of the day through advanced technology. The institute has a rich history and dedication to the pursuit of excellence. CoEP offers a unique learning experience across a spectrum of academic and social experiences. With a firm footing in truth and humanity, the institute gives you an understanding of both technical developments and the ethics that go with it. Our contributions support COEP in building laboratory infrastructure.

  • Oscar Foundation

    Empowering Low-income Children – ‘No School – No Football’

    Organisation for Social Change, Awareness and Responsibility (OSCAR) is a football for development non-profit organization dedicated to empowering children and youth in low-income communities in India. OSCAR currently reaches out to 3000 beneficiaries across its Football, Education and Young Leader programmes. OSCAR Foundation also operates ‘Enabling Change’, a unique football project for children with disabilities and ‘Kick Like A Girl’, a project that advocates for gender equity in polarised and underserved communities.

  • Masoom

    Lighting Up Night Schools

    Masoom is an organization working with Night schools since 2008. The aim of Masoom is to improve the quality of the night schools through the “Night School Transformation Program” and “Evening Learning Centre” by providing access to education to ‘Out of School’ students. Their students work as class IV employees, canteen, courier service, and domestic servants. These students come to their Night Schools and Evening Learning Centres to complete their education which makes them eligible to enter into the organized sector. As of the year 2019-20, Masoom works with 85 Night Schools across Maharashtra, 9 ELC Centers across Maharashtra and Gujarat, and has 2 Tech on Wheels Buses.

  • Ummeed Child Development Centre

    Every Child Has Hope at Ummeed

    Ummeed, meaning ‘hope’, is a non-profit organization set up with the objective of helping children with developmental disabilities reach their maximum potential and be included in society. Through its programs, Ummeed aims to enable children with and at-risk of developmental disabilities to participate meaningfully in their homes, schools and communities. To achieve this outcome, Ummeed also works to influence the broader ecosystem around the child, by training parents, professionals, teachers, community workers, creating wider awareness among the general public around disabilities, conducting research, and engaging in advocacy events.

  • Sakal India Foundation

    Encouraging the Higher Studies

    Sakal India Foundation was established to encourage and assist needy and/or deserving students with grants and scholarships for higher studies in India and abroad. Fluid Controls has supported the Sakal India Foundation by providing a special scholarship for one deserving engineering student. We have also provided additional general support for scholarships for needy students.

  • Creating Quality Human Capital through Academic Endeavours

    Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology (VIIT) is a part of the Bansilal Ramnath Agarwal Charitable Trust (BRACT). VIIT is a landmark for excellence in technical education. Fluid Controls, with its ethos of innovation and R&D, has extended its support for skill development at the VIIT laboratory.